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BESITES - Kafka research residencyrezidencia

-BUDAPEST Pre-workshop-

'BESITES' is an autonomous extra project supporting Equinoxe as an accompaniment, working as a project besides (besites) the project.
Our focal point is 'being stranger', one of the main complex abstractions of Kafkas. We are of the opinion that it means shifting. But what are these moving/changing' entities? And where does this action happen? Who is the 'actor' at all? It is not only in society: between human and human. Nor is it only from individual to environment. It means more than a synchronous occurence...
Yes, it can happen INSIDE or OUTSIDE. The focal entity has been deviating IN SPACE or/and IN TIME.
Focal entity/personality and/or its environment also can deviate.
It is a typical syndrome in the 20th society and especially in that of the 21st century: our close environment – people around, nature/urban culture, own body, own personality – as ALIEN. And the feeling: everything is changing; time turns to space, space turns to time. We should care for our future -environmental protection- and serve our past -history- and we cannot be in present.
There also is question of SIGHT: I am somebody who can see but who is being watched at the same time. The dictionary of personality has changed by the knowledge of being watched. The individual becomes an OBJECT. I perceive myself as an object. The dictionary of BODY has changed too.  And so has the Dictionary of environment.
'BESITES' is an open artistic research project following some of Kafkas questions (and those of Husserl, Heidegger, Nietsche, Foucault, Merleau-Ponty, Lévinas, Benjamin, Deleuze...) to draw the attention and visualize the relation to the close environment of people in the 20th and 21st centuries. We focus on the shifting of PERSONALITY, BODY, URBAN CULTURE, NATURE, SOCIETY and POLICY.
Our mentors -choreographers, architects, urbanists, visual artists- as head of each team of researchers help students workshops  get brand new and deep knowledge about their own close environment to later show/represent it as site-specific installations and performances.
Policy - we mean cultural policy or political environment of individual, daily political issues – is a main critical point of our research because the organizers as intellectuals in France, Hungary, Mexico and Slovakia feel that policy pushes into our own private zone. For policy sometimes means violence, intrusion and can lead to fear. It can therefore mean limit, inclusion or exclusion. And that is alien for a human being...
Last but not least, BESITES is an artistic research project and not a project put forward by some activists. The issues addressed during the project will be transposed into art forms only.

  • urban culture, architecture

change of functions
past private buildings as present public spaces and vice versa
ruins, pubs, art colonies, underground culture, illegal space occupation... homeless citizens, Roma population, immigrants

  • organic systems

urban environment, culture, art as organic system: gets born, grows, dies...

  • social issues

borders, exclusion, inclusion, ghetto (Jewish, Roma), Slovakian-Hungarian problems, gender, age...etc. different traditions vs European Union, East vs West, Europe vs US

  • body, personality, psychological issues

leib/körper (Heidegger), sight (Foucault), face as sign of identity (Benjamin), face, eye, body, mind... body as object

  • artistic questions

possibilities to represent identity, shifting of body, space, time transpose questions of policy, history, society... dictionary of Franz Kafka

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