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Apodosz Moving Image Collection

We are engaged for years in dance theater projects, especially the relations of the art of movement and motion picture.
It was in 2005 when we undertook collecting archives:
Safe Contemporary Art Studio and Filmarchive established a filmarchive for research and it asks for replicas from national and international, contemporary, alternative dance theater perfomers and companies, from dance theater workshops, studios and festivals.
Our institution undertakes collecting and cataloging the films of our partners. They are accessible for registered researchers of dance history, theater and film in case of naming a concrete professional aim.
Own professional program - We screen the films free of charge at the events of Dance/Film/Work/Shop.
We provide screening material for the dance film history course of PTE (University of Pécs) Center for the Study of the Moving Image.
We collaborate with universities and international organizations to forward the case of dance film and of initiatives which research the relations of the art of movement and motion picture.
Curator: Réka Szűcs


Downloadable documents:


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